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Award winning Insurance from Pioneer

pioneer direct

Award winning Insurance from Pioneer

Award winning life insurance

Term insurance is today the basic product supplied by life insurance providers with almost 65% of the UK’s new individual life annual premium being devoted to this product. Term insurance cover can be taken out on a level, decreasing or increasing basis. Premiums can be guaranteed for the whole of the selected term or they can be reviewable after a certain period. All of these factors will reflect the rate and it is important to compare like with like. Term insurance policies are ideally suited to cover a specific period of need such as the term of your mortgage or other loan. These policies can also be a cost-effective way to cover any period where you need to provide protection for young dependents during your working life. Term assurance polices can also be used to cover a number of business needs such as protection of business loans, key-man cover or shareholder protection.
Whole life insurance like Pioneer Direct provides permanent cover for the whole of the policyholder’s life. The benefits are paid out on death whenever this occurs. At one time, whole life policies were the basic type of life insurance Cebu. Today the more popular choice is term insurance e.g. in 2001 there were over 1.5 million term insurances compared with just over 0.2 million whole life insurances written in the UK. There are however circumstances where whole life insurance may be more appropriate. Complete the quotation request specifying your requirements so that we may supply you with information on the various options available. Unless you are confident about why you require whole life insurance rather than term we would suggest that you ask for advice.

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