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Nude Massage in London


Nude Massage in London

Nude Massage Leaders

Looking for a nude massage or a naked massage in London? Chelsea Massage London provide a fully naked massage service across all of London and the surrounding areas. Totally naturist masseuses are ready to visit you between 1pm – 2am every day. This type of massage is performed with both the giver and receiver fully naked. It is sometimes even known as a naturist massage, although naturism or nudism describes a cultural movement whereas the word nude is more purely descriptive of the state of undress. Naturists defend social nudity in both public and in private, as it is a “natural” state unlike being dressed. A nude or nudist massage is a massage with complete nudity on behalf of both therapist and recipient, and although it is not necessarily strictly sexual it certainly can be.

In an Tantric Massage in Chelsea, both parties are fully naked and it is a sensual treatment rooted in Tantric principles of bodily pleasure and energetic rejuvenation. Chelsea Massages are performed in a dimly lit room with candles or soft light as the sole source of illumination. Your masseuse is then ready to lead you into a journey of complete comfort with your body, which is a source of incredible sensory pleasure. By touching your nude body with her own, your masseuse is transmitting a somatic message of understanding, empathy, and comfort. Humans have a biological need for skin to skin contact and nude massage is a truly excellent way to ensure that you are fully expressing your human need for touch. The aspect of nudity and nakedness only allows for a more intimate session, with no physical barriers to pleasure or enjoyment. Clothes and fashion are a way of distinguishing people and excluding them. Naked massage is, by its very nature, totally inclusive. It has aims to unite and heal people rather than to create fractures and divides between them. When you are stripped of your clothes, you are stripped of pretence, of stress, of worries. A healing nudist sensual massage can help you to realign your subtle energies and renew your spirit.

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