Health Leaders Marketing Awards | Prize winning resorts in Cebu
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Prize winning resorts in Cebu

beautiful sand beach

Prize winning resorts in Cebu

Award Winning Beaches Sell the City

Buzz and discussions are centred on this industry. Here in Cebu, a lot of businesses and individuals including Cebu Realtors are currently gaining profits from the increased travel revenues of the city. However, what exactly is the tourism industry? This article will aim to give an in-depth answer to that question.

On the surface, the tourism industry is all about people wanting to travel to other places in order to see and experience new things. If you take a closer look though, there are a whole lot of things going on in this industry. Its influence on world events is extensive enough for various other industries to be affected if a big tourism event happens. Various governments around the world are banking on the industry’s upturns. Huge sums of money move from country to country because of the travel industry. As a result, a lot of nations have risen from poverty and are now on their way to better conditions. As you can see, there is nothing simple about it.

Basically though, tourism is all about selling the beautiful and unique points of a destination. Those points can include a lot of things – sceneries, relaxing and healthy pursuits, exciting adventures, accommodations, food, electronics, the people, and many more! Any country or place that can offer the most attractive package gets a bigger share of this billion dollar pie. As such, the industry has really become very competitive today. If you want to succeed in this field, it would take hard work – but it will be all worth it when you make it!

For cities like Cebu in the Philippines it is easy to sell as the city is a gateway to hundreds of world class beaches on the islands on Cebu, Mactan, Cordova and Bohol.

Cebu has a lot of beautiful beaches to visit. Malapascua is one of the best! Malapascua is a small island located at northernmost tip of Cebu island, about 1 kilometer wide and 2.5 kilometers long. Malapascua is known for the Bounty Beach, the wide white sand beach. It become known for its beautiful coral gardens and its nearby beautiful dive spots. The only place in the world where divers can sight thresher sharks reliably. By taxi or bus to Maya which will probably take 3 to 4 hours. Then 30 minutes by boat to Malapascua.

In fact many people who come here end up looking for Cebu properties for sale so they can come back here time after time making it a home away from home

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