Health Leaders Marketing Awards | SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY
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The entry submission period for the 2009 contest is now open! Download the entry submission form here.

Here are some tips to help you get started on quick and easy Awards entry assembly.

  • Choose the correct category

You are only allowed to enter each separate marketing campaign once, so choose the category wisely. You can view descriptions for all categories on the Award Categories page.

  • Start gathering campaign collateral
    To be considered complete, each entry needs to contain two hard copies of all printable collateral. Include this collateral along with any TV or radio spots and the written response on two duplicate CDs. DVDs cannot be accepted.
  • Prepare for the submission write-up
    Each entry must contain answers to several questions about the campaign regarding what prompted the campaign, its target audience, the return on investment it achieved, and more. The submission write-up is a crucial part of the judging process, so start thinking about who on your team can best answer those types of questions.
  • Think about presentation
    We don’t expect you to splurge on expensive binders, but neat and organized award submissions are greatly appreciated!